Puas Yog Kuv?

Thawg zaug kuv ntsib Paj Zaub, kuv lub siab hloov tag ib puas tsam yam. Txij li kuv nco tau, tsis tau pom ib tug poj niam yuav txawj los deev kuv siab li nws deev. Thaum nws luag ntxhi, kuv lub plaws yuav nres. Thaum nws hais lus, kuv saib ntsoov nws daim dis ncauj. Kuv vwm tag. Kuv xav xav paub...tus nws hlub puas yog kuv?

Thaum Paj Zaub niam tso nws tseg, es nws quaj yam tu siab nrho hauv kuv xub ntiag, kuv lub ncauj hais tsis tau ib lo lus los pab nws daws kev chim. Kuv tsis tau paub dua tias thaum zoo li no yuav ua cas thiaj li yuav pab tau nws. Kuv sab npab los ua nws chaw so siab thaum nws lub kua muag poob. Kuv xav xav paub...tus nws hlub puas yog kuv? 

Thaum Paj Zaub tej phooj ywg tuaj nrog nws ua si ua ke, kuv saib tsis dhuav nws lub me ntsej muag. Thaum nws nrog kuv, nws yog nws ib tug. Tab si, thaum nws nrog lawv, nws txhawv lawm thiab. Kuv tau hnov nws lub suab luag ua rau kuv zoo siab tshaj plaws li. Ua txiv neej ces, xav hnov tus poj niam lub suab luag txhua lub caij. Kuv …

Seeing Beyond The Living

Lift off...the rush to the other side. As soon as I am there, I can feel a rush of calm and I know I've succeeded. I know where I am. I know what I am dealing with. My guides are never far from me and they make me understand that I must fully embrace what is about to happen. 

I become...the entity, a possessed, lost and angry spirit searching for a host to thrive on. I speak in slow, disturbed verses with inhuman sound and I reek of death. 

I become...the savior, a pure unified being with a sword made from iron and a white horse with wings. I speak in ancient dialect with veiled magic and I am full of life. 

I become...the lost, a broken, fragile misplaced soul searching for the footprints to return home. I speak of tears, of pain, of guilt and of hurt. I am empty. 

Return...return home, warrior. Ride the white horse, gather your sword and be invisible as you travel. Cross the threshold of life and don't let the dead claim what is rightfully not theirs. 

This is seeing beyond the l…

Cia Tso Tseg Txhij No

Lub ntuj lub qhov muag tsis pom tias kuv lub siab quaj txhua hmo. Txhij li hnub kuv los ua koj tus niam tsev, lub neej tsis zoo li siab xav. Muab xav los cas tsis tsim nyog qhov kuv tsis mloog kuv niam lus hais. Kuv xav tias vim koj yog txiv neej es koj ib leeg thiaj li hlub tau kuv xwb. Es kuv niam thiab kuv txiv hais los, kuv lag ntseg dim muag txhua yam. Tom qab kuv qhov muag pom ke, kuv mam paub tias koj lub siab tsis yog li kuv xav. Ces cia wb muab tso tseg txhij li no.

Kuv yoo koj lub xwb ntiaj txhua hmo, tsis pom qab mus qhia leej twg. Kuv nrhiav txoj hauv kev twg los zoo li tsis muaj ib txoj kev yuav pab tau kom koj tig rov hlub kuv. Tej lus koj hais yam tag los dua twg lawm? Puas yog kuv muab nqos noj ua kev lwj siab xwb? Es koj nim nqa koj lub siab mus hlub kiag lwm tus kom kuv mob siab kom kuv khib.

Kuv saib hauv iav, kuv tsis paub kuv yog leej twg. Tus neeg kuv pom zoo li ib tug tub sab los nyiag tau kuv  mus. Kuv cim tsis tau xyov tus neeg kuv niam kuv txiv hlub yog leej …

Where Do We Go From Here?

I wished my children good night and descended down the stairs to spend the evening doing inventory and invoices in my small jewelry business. Everything was normal. I was living a daily sheltered life with the joy of finally being able to provide for my family again. Although the Covid 19 was still going around me, I took caution and kept myself positive. 

Then the death of George Floyd filled my newsfeed and I was heartbroken for the community. It took a toll on all of us. Images of protestors filled my newsfeed and I understood why it was happening. Years of being hurt by being different because of the color of my skin, of where I came from, of what I looked like, I understood that. I knew the pain. I lived in before and as far as I can remember, I wasn't ever accepted because of how I looked. 

And then...images of burning buildings, small businesses being robbed and destroyed flooded my newsfeed and my heart broke. I can understand the pain behind wanting to protest with no viole…

How Do I Let Go?

Life works in many different ways. Often times, we will find that we will be very lonely and there isn’t anyone who may understand who we are. That path is often visited too often by me and I find that it gets exhausting. I am drained and my energy just goes out the door. When my parents passed away, I thought to myself, how will I ever move on? How will I ever have the courage to walk tall and smile? Laughter itself seemed like it was a stranger to me. I didn’t know how to function because the two people who always took care of me were gone. It left inside me a deep hole that I didn’t know how to fill. And the bigger question was what do I fill that hole with? I remember waking up after losing my mother and thinking, she will never be here when I visit again. I will never hear her voice. I will never get to hug her or touch her again. Life will never be the same. I was able to live a little knowing my father was alive. Then when he died, my world crashed. I felt as if my limbs had al…

The Perfect Partner

Marriage…it ties a man and a woman together til death do us part. You find a dress, buy a ring, and say sacred vows in front of hundreds of people, promising to love each other until the end of time. But time hasn’t ended and your union already has. I’ve met a lot of people through the years where I knew them when they were married as a couple and then I still know them as they become single parents. Whether it was through a mutual agreement to separate or one of them stepping out to have an affair…it hurts the same. The eyes never lie and the eyes can’t hold back the truth. It hurts. I will admit this much…my husband and I were the cream of the crop when we were dating. Everyone who knew us said we were the “it” couple. We showered each other with love and we couldn’t get enough of each other. Then we got married and everything was still the same. Then we had children. Things changed. I was exhausted. He was overworked. We didn’t have enough time together. Pretty soon, we became mom …


Let’s talk body. Let’s be real. I’m a thick woman. I’m a real woman. I’m a woman with curves and booty. I wear a size 10. I am not skinny. I am not fat. I am happy. Leave me alone. Did you read and understand that? If you didn’t, read it again. My body is mine to accept and love. I love who I am and I am happy with what I see. I love my curves and I love my thighs that jiggle as I walk. I love who I am. We grow up in a world where being skinny is plastered all over social media that it is the way you should be. I know many people who have lost weight and then suddenly lost themselves in the process. It’s sad, really, to see this happen. Lose weight for the right reason. Don’t lose weight to belong. Lose weight for you not for another. Love who you are and accept yourself. Don’t let someone’s idea of perfection label you and drag you into depression. Be aware of what you say when you are around others. Be aware of what you do when you are in the presence of a crowd. Understand and know…